Book on International Law – Malcolm Shaw – 9th edition – 2021 Release

International Law is the definitive and authoritative text on the subject.

Book on International Law - Malcolm Shaw - 9th edition - 2021 Release
Book on International Law – Malcolm Shaw – 9th edition – 2021 Release

It has long been established as a leading authority in the field, offering an unbeatable combination of clarity of expression and academic rigour, ensuring understanding and analysis in an engaging and authoritative style. Explaining the leading rules, practice and caselaw, this treatise retains and develops the detailed referencing which encourages and assists the reader in further study. This new edition has been fully updated to reflect recent developments.

In particular, it has expanded the treatment of space law and of international economic law, and introduced new sections on cyber operations and cyber warfare, as well as reflecting the Covid-19 crisis. Both clarifying fundamental principles and facilitating additional research, International Law is invaluable for students and for those occupied in private practice, governmental service and international organisations.

International Law Book of Malcolm Shaw:

  • The definitive and authoritative text on the subject and using invaluable referencing, International Law is a favourite of both students and professionals
  • Comprehensive coverage includes general principles and practice, including key substantive fields today such as international economic law and international criminal law
  • Explains relevant theories and international practice clearly and thoroughly without overwhelming the reader

Reviews & endorsements

‘The nine lives of Malcolm Shaw’s classic study, ‘International Law’, demonstrate in this Ninth Edition that it remains the indispensable single volume work in its ever expanding field.’ Stephen M. Schwebel, Former Judge of the International Court of Justice

‘At a time of rapid change, a new edition of Malcolm Shaw’s invaluable book deserves the widest welcome.’ Christopher Greenwood, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and former British Judge at the International Court of Justice

‘Remarkably, for such a lengthy and wide-ranging text, this remains one of the most readable books on the subject – the distillation of Professor Shaw’s lifetime in the front rank of the teaching and practice of international law.’ Vaughan Lowe Q. C., Barrister at Essex Court Chambers, Emeritus Fellow of All Souls College, University of Oxford

‘Since the appearance of its first edition, Shaw’s International Law has been my preferred textbook in my international law class. To this day it remains comprehensive, clear, and well organized, offering both depth and breadth, both the forest and the trees. The ninth edition offers yet again an updated, accurate and well-balanced account of the recent developments in the law.’ Eyal Benvenisti, Whewell Professor of International law and the Director of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge

‘Shaw’s International Law has always been characterised by its clarity of expression, incisive analysis, and breath of coverage. This new edition is no exception. It is one of those rare works of international law that is essential reading for the Judge, practitioner, academic and student alike.’ Dan Sarooshi QC, Professor of Public International Law, University of Oxford, and Essex Court Chambers, London

Product details

EDITION: 9th Edition


ISBN: 9781108733052

LENGTH: 1308 pages

DIMENSIONS: 244 x 170 x 44 mm

WEIGHT: 1.94kg

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